Verbum salutis omnium / The Father Speaks a Word to Save

Advent, nihil, Specific Vespers
Translated 2002, 2020.

Verbum salutis omnium,
Patris ab ore prodiens,
Virgo beata, suscipe
casto, Maria, viscere

Te nunc illustrat cælitus
umbra fecundi Spiritus,
gestes ut Christum Dominum,
æqualem Patri Filium.

Hæc est sacrati ianua
templi serata iugiter,
soli supremo Principi
pandens beata limina.

Olim promissus vatibus,
natus ante luciferum,
quem Gabriel annuntiat,
terris descendit Dominus.

Lætentur simul angeli,
omnes exsultent populi:
excelsus venit humilis
salvare quod perierat.

Sit, Christe, rex piissime,
tibi Patrique gloria
cum Spiritu Paraclito,
in sempiterna sæcula. Amen.

The Father speaks a Word to save
All men and women from the grave.
O Virgin blest, dispel our gloom;
Receive him in your maiden womb.

The Spirit’s shade, from heaven’s height,
Has filled you with his living light
That Christ the Lord you now may bear,
The Father’s equal and his heir.

This is the gate, that long was barred
The sacred Temple safe to guard,
Its blessed entrance opening
Only for heaven’s highest King.

To prophets promised from afar,
And born before the morning star,
Now Gabriel proclaims his birth;
The Lord of heav’n comes down to earth.

All peoples, leap for joy, and raise
With angels, shouts of gladsome praise;
The Highest comes this humble way
To save us, who had gone astray.

To God the Father, glory sing,
And praise to Christ, most kindly King;
The Spirit Paraclete we praise
For ever and for endless days. Amen.