O lux beata Trinitas / O Blessed Light, O Trinity

Through the Year, Weeks 2 & 4, Sunday II Vespers
Translated 2020.

O lux beata Trinitas
et principalis Unitas
iam sol recedit igneus
infunde lumen cordibus

Te mane laudum carmine
te deprecemur vespere
te nostra supplex gloria
per cuncta laudet saecula.

Christum rogamus et Patrem,
Christi Patrisque Spiritum;
unum potens per omnia,
fove precantes, Trinitas. Amen.

O blessed light, O Trinity,
Majestic ruling Unity!
The burning sun recedes from sight;
Into our hearts infuse your light.

We sing your praise at break of day;
As evening falls, to you we pray.
To you our humble praise we send
To give you glory without end.

We pray the Father and his Christ
And Spirit, joined in unity;
One God who rules in ev’ry thing:
Tend to us all, O Trinity. Amen.

. ]