Nox et tenebrae et nubila / Confusion, Clouds, and Troubled Night

Through the Year, Weeks 1 & 3, Wednesday Lauds
Translated 2020.

Nox et tenebrae et nubila,
confusa mundi et turbida,
lux intrat, albescit polus:
Christus venit; discedite.

Caligo terrae scinditur
percussa solis spiculo,
rebusque iam color redit
vultu nitentis sideris.

Sic nostra mox obscuritas
fraudisque pectus conscium,
ruptis retectum nubibus,
regnante pallescet Deo. –

Te, Christe, solum novimus,
te mente pura et simplici
rogare curvato genu
flendo et canendo discimus.

Intende nostris sensibus
vitamque totam dispice:
sunt multa fucis illita
quae luce purgentur tua.

Sit, Christe, rex piissime,
tibi Patrique gloria
cum Spiritu Paraclito,
in sempiterna saecula. Amen.

Confusion, clouds, and troubled night –
The world’s obscure uncertainty –
Light enters in, the sky grows white;
See, Christ has come! All these must flee!

Pierced by the sun’s revealing rays,
The darkness of the world is torn;
As that bright star begins to blaze,
Color returns to earth reborn.

So may the darkness of our heart,
And all deceit that lies below,
Unveiled, as when the storm clouds part,
Beneath God’s rule, turn white as snow.

We know you, Christ alone, and turn
To you in pure sincerity;
With singing and with tears, we learn
To pray to you on bended knee.

Look on our senses and our mind –
Our life laid bare before your eye –
Many a painted falsehood find,
And by your brightness purify.

To You, O Christ, most kindly King,
And to the Father, glory be;
Praise to the Spirit Paraclete,
In ev’ry age, eternally. Amen.