Luminis fons, lux et origo lucis / Source of All Splendor

Through the Year, Weeks 2 & 4, Monday Vespers
Translated 2021.

Luminis fons, lux et origo lucis,
tu pius nostris precibus faveto,
luxque, peccati tenebris fugatis
nos tua adornet.

Ecce transactus labor est diei,
teque nos tuti sumus adnuente;
en tibi grates agimus libentes
tempus in omne.

Solis abscessus tenebras reduxit;
ille sol nobis radiet coruscus
luce qui fulva fovet angelorum
agmina sancta.

Quas dies culpas hodierna texit,
Christus deleto pius atque mitis,
pectus et puro rutilet nitore
tempore noctis.

Laus tibi Patre, decus atque Nato,
Flamini Sancto parilis potestas,
cuncta qui sceptro regitis supremo
omne per aevum. Amen.

Source of all splendor, Light and light’s beginning,
Show us your kindness, favor our petitions,
And let your own light, driving off sin’s darkness,
Fill us with beauty.

See, now the labor of the day has ended.
As you have granted, we are safely keeping.
To you our voices sing in glad thanksgiving
Ever and always.

The sun’s departure reinstates the darkness;
Now let the true Sun shine upon us brightly
Who, with his fair light, warms the holy armies
Of all the angels.

This day has covered many faults and failings;
Christ, mild and loving, wipe away offenses.
Let our hearts burn bright, shining with pure radiance,
Throughout the nighttime.

Praise to you Father, to your Son all glory,
And to the Spirit equal might and honor:
One God, who rules all with a royal scepter
Now and forever. Amen.