Lucis Creator optime / O Highest God, Who Made the Light

Through the Year, Weeks 1 & 3, Sunday II Vespers
Translated 2020.

Lucis Creator optime
lucem dierum proferens,
primordiis lucis novae,
mundi parans originem:

Qui mane iunctum vesperi
diem vocari praecipis:
taetrum chaos illabitur,
audi preces cum fletibus.

Ne mens gravata crimine,
vitae sit exsul munere,
dum nil perenne cogitat,
seseque culpis illigat.

Caeleste pulset ostium:
vitale tollat praemium:
vitemus omne noxium:
purgemus omne pessimum.

Praesta, Pater piissime,
Patrique compar Unice,
cum Spiritu Paraclito
regnans per omne saeculum. Amen.

O highest God, who made the light,
And bring the light of days to man,
You made new light by your own might
When world’s creation first began.

Who dawn to eventide unite,
And order us to call it day:
When comes the chaos of the night,
Regard our tears and hear us pray.

Let not the soul, by crime oppressed
Be exiled from the gift of life,
Not thinking on a future blessed,
A prisoner of sin and strife.

But let it knock on heaven’s gate
And take the prize of blessedness;
Let us avoid all harm and hate,
And rid ourselves of wickedness.

O loving Father, only Son,
And Holy Spirit, grant our plea:
Three-personed God, forever One,
Who rule for all eternity. Amen.