Immense caeli conditor / Boundless Creator, Wise and Great

Through the Year, Weeks 1 & 3, Monday Vespers
Translated 2012, 2020.

Immense caeli conditor,
qui, mixta ne confunderent,
aquae fluenta dividens,
caelum dedisti limitem,

Firmans locum caelestibus,
simulque terrae rivulis,
ut unda flammas temperet,
terrae solum ne dissipet:

Infunde nunc, piissime,
donum perennis gratiae,
fraudis novae ne casibus
nos error atterat vetus.

Lucem fides inveniat,
sic luminis iubar ferat;
haec vana cuncta terreat,
hanc falsa nulla comprimant

Praesta, Pater piissime,
Patrique compar Unice,
cum Spiritu Paraclito
regnans per omne saeculum. Amen

Boundless Creator, wise and great,
Who made the sky to separate
Waters above from those below,
Lest one into the other flow:

You made one place for clouds and rain,
And one for river, stream, and plain,
That water might the heat allay,
Lest earth dry up and blow away.

Into our hearts with kindness pour
The gift of grace forevermore,
Lest ancient wrong new ways devise
To wear us down with clever lies.

So may our faith discover light,
And bear aloft its lantern bright;
This light deceit cannot abide,
Nor empty words its splendor hide.

Grant it, dear Father, ever one
With Christ our Lord, your only Son,
And with the Spirit equally,
Ruling for all eternity. Amen.