Iesu, quadragenariae / O Lord, Who Forty Days Abstained

Lent, nihil, Specific Vespers
Translated 2021.

Iesu, quadragenariae
dicator abstinentiae,
qui ob salutem mentium
praeceperas ieiunium,

Adésto nunc Ecclésiæ,
adésto pæniténtiæ,
qua supplicámus cérnui
peccáta nostra dílui.

Tu retroácta crímina
tua remítte grátia
et a futúris ádhibe
custódiam mitíssime,

Ut, expiáti ánnuis
compunctiónis áctibus,
tendámus ad paschália
digne colénda gáudia.

Te rerum univérsitas,
clemens, adóret, Trínitas,
et nos novi per véniam
novum canámus cánticum. Amen.

O Lord, who forty days abstained,
And so our Lenten fast ordained,
You bid us fast and pray with you
To save our souls and make them new.

Be with your Church, her sure defense;
Be present to our penitence
As, one and all, we humbly pray
That all our sins be washed away.

Upon us all your grace bestow;
Forgive the sins of long ago;
Most gently, by your grace within,
Protect us from all future sin.

By yearly penance purified,
From every stain of sin inside,
May we devoutly consecrate
The Paschal joys we celebrate.

May all in earth and sky and sea
Adore you, loving Trinity,
As we, made new, by grace restored,
Sing out a new song to the Lord. Amen.