Iam lucis orto sidere / Now That the Sun Is Risen High

Through the Year, Weeks 2 & 4, Thursday Lauds
Translated 2020.

Iam lucis orto sidere
Deum precemur supplices,
ut in diurnis actibus
nos servet a nocentibus.

Linguam refrenans temperet,
ne litis horror insonet;
visum fovendo contegat,
ne vanitates hauriat.

Sint pura cordis intima,
absistat et vecordia;
carnis terat superbiam
potus cibusque parcitas;

Ut, cum dies abscesserit
noctemque sors reduxerit,
mundi per abstinentiam
ipsi canamus gloriam.

Deo Patri sit gloria
eiusque soli Filio
cum Spiritu Paraclito,
in sempiterna saecula. Amen.

Now that the sun is risen high,
We bow to God, and humbly pray
That he preserve us from all harm
In every act we do today.

The tongue to bridle, lest it sound
With grating strife or with unease;
To watch our eyes, and cover them,
Lest vision drink in vanities.

Deep in the heart may all be pure,
And folly find no place within;
May sparing use of food and drink
Tread down the pride of flesh and sin.

That, when the day at last retires,
And nature’s law brings back the night,
We may, by abstinence kept clean,
Sing glory to our God in light.

To God the Father glory be,
And to the Christ, his only Son,
And to the Spirit Paraclete:
One God, while endless ages run. Amen.