Fulgentis auctor aetheris / Creator of the Shining Sky

Through the Year, Weeks 2 & 4, Wednesday Lauds
Translated 2020.

Fulgentis auctor aetheris
qui lunam lumen noctibus
solem dierum cursibus
certo fundasti tramite

Nox atra iam depellitur
mundi nitor renascitur
novusque iam mentis vigor
dulces in actus erigit

Laudes sonare iam tuas
dies relatus admonet,
vultusque caeli blandior
nostra serenat pectora

Vitemus omne lubricum
declinet prava spiritus,
vitam facta non inquinent,
linguam culpa non implicet;

Sed, sol diem dum conficit,
fides profunda ferveat,
spes ad promissa provocet,
Christo coniugat caritas.

Praesta, Pater piissime,
Patrique compar Unice,
cum Spiritu Paraclito
regnans per omne saeculum. Amen.

Creator of the shining sky,
Who made the lamps to shine on high,
And set their ways: the moon for nights,
The sun for days, to be their lights.

Dark night is driven far away;
Earth’s splendor is reborn with day.
New vigor makes our spirit strong
For pleasant labors, all day long.

The day, returning, prompts all men
To make your praises sound again.
The sky grows clearer; at the sight,
Our spirits, too, become more light.

All harmful error let us flee;
The soul ward off iniquity;
No sinful deed our life defile;
No guiltiness the tongue beguile.

But, as the sun the new day starts,
Let burning faith inflame our hearts;
To future gifts let hope incite,
And charity to Christ unite.

O grant it, Father, only Son,
And Holy Spirit with them one:
The God we worship and adore
For ever and for evermore. Amen.