Diei luce reddita / The Light of Day Has Been Restored

Through the Year, Weeks 2 & 4, Saturday Lauds
Translated 2021.

Diei luce reddita,
laetis gratisque vocibus
Dei canamus gloriam,
Christi fatentes gratiam,

Per quem creator omnium
diem noctemque condidit,
aeterna lege sanciens
ut semper succedant sibi.

Tu vera lux fidelium,
quem lex veterna non tenet,
noctis nec ortu succidens,
aeterno fulgens lumine.

Praesta, Pater ingenite,
totum ducamus iugiter
Christo placentes hunc diem
Sancto repleti Spiritu. Amen.

The light of day has been restored;
With grateful voice we praise the Lord,
With joyful hearts his glory sing,
The grace of Christ acknowledging.

For God, who made all things in might,
Through Him created day and night,
And by eternal law decreed
That one the other should succeed.

That ancient law does not control
The Light of ev’ry faithful soul.
You do not fade at rise of night,
But glow with everlasting light.

O unbegotten Father, pray,
Grant us the grace throughout the day
To please your Christ in ev’ry hour,
Filled with the Holy Spirit’s power. Amen.