Deus, qui caeli lumen es / O God, the Lamp of Heaven High

Through the Year, Weeks 2 & 4, Friday Lauds
Translated 2005.

Deus, qui caeli lumen es
satorque lucis, qui polum
paterno fultum bracchio
praeclara pandis dextera.

Aurora stellas iam tegit
rubrum sustollens gurgitem,
umectis atque flatibus
terram baptizans roribus.

Iam noctis umbra linquitur,
polum caligo deserit,
typusque Christi, lucifer
diem sopitum suscitat.

Dies dierum tu, Deus,
lucisque lumen ipse es,
Unum potens per omnia,
potens in unum Trinitas.

Te nunc, Salvator, quaesumus
tibique genu flectimus
Patrem cum Sancto Spiritu
totis laudantes vocibus.

O God, the lamp of heaven high
And source of light: your shining hand
Unrolls the banner of the sky,
Upholding it above the land.

Dawn, casting up a crimson tide,
Has veiled the stars that saw its rise;
The morning breezes, far and wide,
With dewy breath the earth baptize.

The darkness from the sky has gone
As nightly shadows pass away;
The morning star, sign of the Son,
Arising, wakes the sleepy day.

O God, O radiance wonderful,
Most glorious day and fairest light:
One God, in all things powerful,
Three Persons, matchless in one might!

To you, Our Savior, brightest, best,
On bended knee our prayer we raise;
To Father and to Spirit blest,
With all our power, we offer praise.