Deus de nullo veniens / O Uncreated God and Lord

Through the Year, Weeks 2 & 4, Saturday Matins

Deus de nullo veniens,
Deus de Deo prodiens,
Deus ab his progrediens,
in nos veni subveniens.

Tu nostrum desiderium,
tu sis amor et gaudium;
in te nostra cupiditas
et sit in te iucunditas.

Pater, cunctorum Domine,
cum Genito de Virgine,
intus et in circuitu
nos rege Sancto Spiritu.

Memento, sancta Trinitas,
quod tua fecit bonitas,
creando prius hominem,
recreando per sanguinem.

Nam quos creavit Unitas,
redemit Christi caritas;
patiendo tunc diligens,
nunc diligat nos eligens.

Triadi sanctae gaudium,
pax, virtus et imperium,
decus, omnipotentia,
laus, honor, reverentia. Amen.

O uncreated God and Lord,
O God from God, eternal Word,
O God, who from them both proceed:
Come to our aid; supply our need.

Our only God, our one desire,
Be our true love and joy entire.
For you may every spirit long,
And find in you its joy and song.

O Father, Lord of everyone,
With Mary’s Child, your only Son,
Inside and out, at ev’ry hour,
Direct us by the Spirit’s power.

Remember, holy Trinity,
All that your goodness made to be:
First, how you made the race of men,
And by blood made them new again.

For what was made by Unity
Was rescued by Christ’s charity.
By suffering his love was shown;
Now may he love us as his own.

Joy to the holy Trinity,
Peace, power, and authority,
All might and every dignity,
Praise, honor, and fidelity. Amen.