Aptata, virgo, lampade / Your Lamp Made Ready, Virgin Blessed

Commons, Lauds
Translated 2021.

Aptata, virgo, lampade
ad nuptias ingressa es
aeterni regis gloriae,
quem laudant turbae caelicae.

Grata conviva superis,
caelesti sponso iungeris
amplexu casti foederis,
pudoris dives meritis.

Normam vivendi instrue,
nos prece tua confove,
possimus ut resistere
hostis nostri versutiae.

Exemplar vitae virginum,
Maria roget Filium,
ut eius adiutorium
nos iuvet per exsilium.

Sit Deitati gloria
per infinita saecula
pro virginis victoria,
qua gaudet caeli curia. Amen.

Your lamp made ready, virgin blessed,
You take your place, a welcome guest.
It is the wedding of the King,
Whose praise the hosts of heaven sing.

Dear fellow guest with saints above,
Rich in rewards of purest love,
Joined to the Groom, by him embraced,
Forever one in marriage chaste.

By your example, show the way;
Support and keep us as you pray,
That we may all resist and flee
The scheming of our enemy.

May Mary blessed, who leads the way
For virgins, beg her Son and pray
That, in our exile, his great power
May help us now and ev’ry hour.

To God, the Holy Trinity,
For endless ages, glory be,
As heaven’s court sings joyfully
For this blessed virgin’s victory. Amen.