Aeterne sol, qui lumine / Eternal Sun, Who Bless and Fill

Commons, Vespers
Translated 2024.

Æterne sol, qui lumine
creata comples omnia,
suprema lux et mentium,
Te corda nostra concinunt.

Tuo fovente Spiritu,
Hic viva luminaria
Fulsere, per quae saeculis
Patent salutis semitae.

Quod verba missa caelitus,
natíva mens quod exhibet,
per hos ministros gratiæ
novo nitore claruit.

Horum coronæ particeps,
doctrina honestus lucida,
hic vir beatus splenduit
quem prædicamus laudibus.

Ipso favente, quaesumus,
nobis, Deus, percurrere
da veritatis tramitem,
possimus ut te consequi.

Praesta, Pater piissime,
Patrique compar Unice,
cum Spiritu Paraclito
regnans per omne saeculum. Amen.

Eternal Sun, who bless and fill
With splendor each created thing:
To You, our spirit’s highest light,
Our hearts with joy and wonder sing.

Warmed by your Spirit’s kindling fire,
Here living lamps their radiance shone
And, by their light, in every age,
Salvation’s pathways are made known.

What words sent from on high may teach,
And what the natural mind may show,
Through these, your ministers of grace,
Has shined anew with brighter glow.

This sharer in their crown of bliss,
For brilliant teaching won great fame;
Blessed man, who shone illustrious!
With praises we proclaim his name.

Grant us, O God, helped by his prayers,
We pray, to run, both sure and fast,
The path of truth, and so arrive
To reach your very self at last.

O loving Father, grant our prayer,
And You, the Father’s only Son,
One with the Spirit Paraclete,
Who rule while endless ages run. Amen.