Aeterne rerum conditor / Eternal Maker of the World

Through the Year, Weeks 1 & 3, Sunday Lauds
Translated 2005, 2020.

Aeterne rerum conditor,
noctem diemque qui regis,
et temporum das tempora,
ut alleves fastidium;

Praeco diei iam sonat,
noctis profundae pervigil,
nocturna lux viantibus
a nocte noctem segregans.

Hoc excitatus lucifer
solvit polum caligine,
hoc omnis erronum chorus
vias nocendi deserit.

Hoc nauta vires colligit
pontique mitescunt freta,
hoc ipsa petra ecclesiae
canente culpam diluit.

Iesu, labantes respice,
et nos videndo corrige,
si respicis, lapsus cadunt,
fletuque culpa solvitur.

Tu lux refulge sensibus,
mentisque somnum discute,
te nostra vox primum sonet
et ore psallamus tibi.

Sit, Christe, Rex piissime,
tibi Patrique gloria
cum Spiritu Paraclito,
in sempiterna saecula. Amen.

Eternal Maker of the world,
The sov’reign Lord of night and day,
You give the seasons of the year
To take time’s heaviness away.

In deepest night, you never sleep,
A lamp for trav’lers on the way,
A light dividing night from night.
The rooster crows, announcing day.

See, at the sound, the daystar wakes,
And frees the sky from fog and haze;
See, at the sound, the roving band
Of demons leaves its harmful ways.

The ocean hears; the waves die down;
The sailor overcomes his fears.
Saint Peter hears; the Church’s Rock
Removes denial’s stain with tears.

O Jesus, save us, for we fall;
Look down and set us right, we pray,
For at Your glance our failings fail,
And sorrow washes sins away.

O Light, upon our senses shine;
Dispel the sleepiness within.
Let our first words be words of You;
With faithful praise our day begin.

To You, O Christ, most kindly King,
And to the Father, glory be;
Praise to the Spirit Paraclete,
In ev’ry age, eternally. Amen.